Or so it said on maps in the areas where regions remained filled with unknowns! I have always loved that phrase, just as have always loved looking at maps! Happily, maps make a great accompaniment to your notebooking pages. Some companies include some maps with their pages, but for my money (most of which has been spent on homeschooling supplies - can't you tell?), it's best to have a separate and comprehensive set of maps that you can use for your history/geography studies and for your notebooking both.

There are several companies that produce great sets of maps. I own one fabulous set, and I am about to break down and buy another one. I was first introduced to these maps when I was using Tapestry of Grace. (Much more on Tapestry in another post) They are fabulous! Each set includes a student map (no answers) and a teacher map (the appropriate geographical features filled in). You can buy sets of maps broken down by historical period or you can choose, as I did, to buy the entire set. I have used these maps, and can attest to their incredibly high quality. Sadly, I am a fickle product lover, and one of my favorite companies just came out with its own set of maps!

Home School in the Woods just announced the release of its own set of maps , and they are truly works of art. This company produces such quality products. I own their timeline figures, and I have never seen anything quite so unique, with so many applications. I am really trying to exercise self-restraint, and not buy their maps. We'll see how long that lasts.

Whichever maps you use - free maps from the internet, maps included with sets of notebooking pages, or one of the sets from these great companies - make sure you actually use them! It's one thing to collect wonderous resources and store them on your compuer; it's another to actually see that they are used (please don't feel that I'm talking down to you or preaching to you here - I'm really lecturing myself!).

Up next, a discussion on handwriting: fonts, programs, likes and dislikes. It's a subject on which some homeschoolers feel passionate, and others couldn't care less. As with all things, though, I have a strong opinion!
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