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I have an aversion to the idea of blogs; many people who know me know that about me. So why am I blogging? Because I like to read them - especially the funny ones that relate to my life. I have been told that my life is funny, and that the events in my life and family make other people feel better about their own lives. Hmmmm....I can never tell if this is supposed to make me feel good or bad about myself.

In any case, my life is funny. My challenge: recognizing the humor, rather than focusing on the sheer "aaaaahhhhhhhhaaahahahaha" factor of my daily existence. Granted, I don't get the jaw dropping reaction that I once did when I was able to tell people, "I have four kids under the age of 3 1/2", but we still have a four-ring circus. To wit - I give you the cast of characters:

Zeus is the head of our family. I have been married to him for 13 1/2 years, since the day after my twenty-first birthday (quick, do the math...I'm old - but he's six years older. Cradle robber.). He is the Ricky to my Lucy, in more ways than one!

Persephone is our oldest daughter, an eight-year old who aspires to the religious life. She loves to read, write, and knit while watching old movies (actually, go ahead and pencil in this description for me as well!). She is very sensitive, much like her patron saint. Actually, I pray rather regularly that her patron saint will assist her in outgrowing this sensitivity, much as she herself did. I am waiting, dear St. ___. Whenever you're ready to put in a good word to our dear Lord... Seriously, though, I could not do it without Persephone. She is chief game organizer, playwrite, and all around cruise director for all the youngers. She's a lot like me, but much prettier, thinner, and more socially acceptable!

Achilles is our oldest son, a sly-witted six-year old. He teeters on the edge between little boyhood and young manhood. One minute he cries out of frustration, and the next minute he makes me laugh, as he accuses me of talking "fissy talk" to the Jack-in-the-Box guy (I can only assume he was accusing me of flirting with the kid over a free taco coupon. I firmly deny all charges). Achilles is obsessed with Legos and toy soldiers, and can make a ball out of any halfway round object. He is also the definition of kindness to younger children, particularly to the two below.

Romula is the female half of our set of twins. She and Remus are 17 months younger than Achilles (making them 4 1/2). Romula was born for the stage. We often lament the fact that we have ethics and feel a sense of responsibility toward our children, because we could make a fortune off of this child. With curly hair and a sprinkling of freckles across her nose, plus a flair for drama that makes us both laugh and sigh with dismay daily, Romula is a trip. Example: one of Persephone's recent projects was teaching Romula that it is, in fact, better to be good than it is to be beautiful. We think she understands. Sort of.

Remus is Romula's other half. In every way. He is peanut butter to her jelly, and chocolate to her vanilla. Until very recently, he was my baby boy. Of late, he has developed a temper. I have no idea where he could have gotten it (ahem!), but he is definitely growing up. He is the child on whom I can always (usually) count to obey, and who rarely gives me (much) trouble. He always has a smile for everyone, and never met a stranger.

Me? I'm Hera. I am mother to this brood. I am a Roman Catholic. I homeschool (keep up with our homeschooling here: I have a Ph.D. that I never use, and a Great Books undergraduate education that is my constant friend and companion. I work from home as a freelance writer and editor, and I have a couple of neat projects in the pipeline, which I hope to start bringing to fruition later this year. In my next post, I'll answer some of those burning questions about homeschooling. If you homeschool, you've heard them. If you don't, you've asked them. Some of the answers might surprise you!
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